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In life, most of the times after crossing a bridge to reach the other side, you don’t come back to the side you left behind. You should do that all the time.

Imagine being given the chance to either go into the highs of the sky or the lows that lie underground. Here, by highs I mean the azure coloured sky and by lows I mean the darkness and depressions that lie inside the ground that we live upon, I think I have made your decision quite easy, all of you want to go to the highs of the sky, right? Read further to know what I am implying through this example.

We are spending a huge part of our lives in the darkness of the lows of a ditch instead of the highs of the sky. By the highs of the sky, I mean the ambitions you could achieve, the goals which could give you the satisfaction of completion, the achievements that could give you contentment, the services for humanity that could give you true happiness and the sense of purpose that would come if you live your life for the greater good. By lows of a ditch, I mean wasting huge chunks of your time thinking about what others think of you, feeling the need to show your life a hundred times better than it is on social media, being obsessed with the ideas of selfishness to such an extent that everything that you do is something you do only for you, the materialistic approach towards life that would lead you to an unhappy life, and the ungratefulness with which you live giving it the name of depression, anxiety.

Most people sadly are living most parts of their prime years living into the lows of ditch I have mentioned. They think that the root cause of their problems is that they have had an unfair life and unfair people all around them, when nothing could be farther from truth. The truth is that you solely are responsible for everything that you do, every decision that you make and every person you connect with. You have become so used to your ludicrous ideas of life being unfair to you that in the process you have forgotten all your blessings.

In the middle of a pandemic when people are losing their loved ones, economy is at its lowest since a long time, and people are struggling to eke out a living, if you have worries that involve your boyfriend or girlfriend not being nice to you, or your parents being unfair to you, or you being restricted to go out due to travel restrictions or your not getting satisfying physical relationships, you need serious help my friend. Lord Krishna said to Arjun before the battle of Kurukshetra in Mahabharata, that desire gives rise to anger and anger destroys your rational thinking. So every time you fall into the loop of desires and its associated trivial aspects, you would end up with an irrational thinking. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

People living in the lows of the ditch of narrow mindedness should be given a chance to spend a day in the shoes of a health worker or in the shoes of someone who is either watching someone close losing his battle to live every day in the shoes of someone who has lost the life of someone close. That would help them rise from the ditch of narrow-mindedness to the highs of the sky of dreams and gratefulness.

I have been lucky enough to witness some people who have never been bothered about trivial things like what somebody thinks of them, how their lives are worse than their friends or relatives or how they can gather more and more fun and material possessions in life. All of them have some things in common and that is that right from the moment they wake up in the morning, they are constantly involved in one task or another, the task ranging from small ones like washing their cars by themselves, or gardening (despite being able to afford a cleaner or a gardener) to writing research papers, studying, analysing their fields of study to donating huge amount of money and resources to the needy without thinking twice.

In life, most of the times after crossing a bridge to reach the other side, you don’t come back to the side you left behind. You should do that all the time. Once you decide to jump on the side of life that involves doing the greater things in life like being the best in your field of study or being a better human being and serving the mankind, you would not want to go back to the side of mindless obsessions, desires, repeated mistakes, and the idea of “I” or “mine”. That would be the best thing to have happened to you. Cross the bridge and never look back, will you? Are you willing to take that risk for a far better life?

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