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The better human society we are a part of, the lesser divisions we witness.

Having had my dinner at an event, as I was leaving I saw the cleaning staff of the event having their dinner. Unlike us, they did not have round tables and chairs wrapped in clean white…

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As I inch closer to completing twenty five years in the world (a seemingly large number my horrible friends do not fail to remind me), I decided to pen down fifteen lessons from a twenty five year old (well, I am almost there). Twenty five is a really beautiful number…

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Time doesn’t heal us as much as patience does.

If there is one interesting takeaway for me from this year’s Tokyo Olympics, it is that most of the times in life it requires sheer patience to reach the top of the world. What is not so interesting is that patience…

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So much time of our lives is wasted in delving into what is wrong. So much time of our lives is wasted by not focusing on what is right.

For the umpteenth time I made a mental note of things that according to me weren’t going in the right direction…

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The power that nature holds in healing you, is beyond any magic.

It is raining in the city I reside since three days. I look outside the balconies of my house at third floor of the building and feel what a respite these three days have been in comparison to…

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In life, most of the times after crossing a bridge to reach the other side, you don’t come back to the side you left behind. You should do that all the time.

Imagine being given the chance to either go into the highs of the sky or the lows that…

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Expecting someone to be good to you because you were good to them is like expecting the lion to not eat you because you did not eat it.

I have grown up listening to my elders say the Hindi saying, “Neki kar dariya me daal”, which translates to “Be discreet…

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“Ishrat-e-katra hai dariya mein fanaa ho jaana, dard ka hadd se guzarna hai dawa ho jaana.”

Mirza Ghalib was way ahead of his time when he said the above mentioned lines. The translation of the line is, “It is ecstasy for a drop of water to be lost in ocean…

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At the end of the day, you are all you have. I say, make sure you have good.

I am fed up of myself” said someone to me some time back. What a negative thing to say in a conversation, even more negative to begin a story with, but today…

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Sometimes I look back and do not recognise the person I was.

One tap from our fingers and we can see You deleted this message in front of our eyes, and every time we do this, we are thankful for this feature’s existence. Another tap from our fingers and we…

Shivani Dubey

Ziddi Dil (Stubborn Heart) || I have been added as a writer in Noteworthy Publication.

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